Some of BBDC’s programs and services include:

Financial assistance

BBDC is a lending institution providing services to new and existing businesses capable of repaying their loans.

Baffin Business Development Corporation (BBDC) provides loans for the purposes of business start-up, business expansion and business acquisition. Eligible projects must be commercially viable, based in the Baffin region and create benefits such as jobs and increased business revenues and assets.

For an application form please contact 867.979.1303

Business counseling

BBDC provides business counseling at all levels of the business cycle. The business development division focuses on assisting clients through counseling, and providing loans and grants to maximize growth potential, develop plans and expand. Counseling clients and making referrals is a significant portion of the services BBDC offers throughout the year.

BBDC has cooperative partnerships with Nunavut Business Credit Corporation, Kakivak Association, the Department of Economic Development & Transportation, Atuqtuarvik Corporation, CanNor, and the Business Development Bank Canada.

For more information, contact BBDC at T 867.979.1303 or F 867.979.1508